the open west 2015 artists

Sue Williams A'Court

Desire and Longing 11

graphite, mixed media on linen, 200 x 180 x 5 cm

Reginald Aloysius


Graphite drawing, etched lines, 23.5ct gold leaf, enamel and oil paint on primed MDF, 144 x 128 cm

Marcus Armitage

Over Dinner

animation made with oil paint on glass

My Dad

animation made with oil pastel, mixed media

My Dad

(individual frames), drawn images in pastel, charcoal and coloured pencil

Beatrix Baker

Half Formed Body

steam-bent oak, dowels, bolts, rope, 200 x 200 x 90 cm


Alex Burgess


super glossy photographic c-type print on aluminium, edition of 7, 114 x 81 cm

Qiaoxi Chen

Fond Dream

etching, 35.5 x 54 cm

Eugenia Cuellar


oil on canvas on board, 33 x 41 cm

Alison Dalwood


oil on canvas, 167 x 137 cm



Alice Dunseath

You Could Sunbathe in This Storm

stop motion and time-lapse photography mixed media film

Oliver Eglin


c-type print

Anna Freeman Bentley


oil on board

Noelle Gallagher


6 oil and digital print paintings in a felt-lined white wooden box


Maria Paz Garcia

Glacial Mud / Toc

oil on linen

Steph Goodger

Les Non-Réclamés (The Unclaimed) Diptych

oil paint on canvas

Richard Goold


oil on panel

Tina Hage

The place here (VII)

PVC, rail, photographic print, clips


Niki Hare

Mountain Fold 2

printed paper, wax, glue

Ann-Marie James

Musée Imaginaire series

ink on paper

Emily Joy

The Way of the Stars

porcelain, steel, felt, plaster

Trevor Kiernander


oil and acrylic on canvas


Shinwook Kim

The Family Portrait 7

digital inkjet print

Arnold Koroshegyi

Artifice 7

giclée print

Aiko Kubo

Untitled (plastic textile)

polythene, thread

Christine Lucy Latimer


VHS/digital video hybrid, colour, silent


Iavor Lubomirov + Bella Easton

Of the Climate and Houses

98 hand-made coloured copper plate etchings by Bella Easton, hand-cut by Iavor Lubomirov

John McDonald


recycled steel, zinc set screws, recycled wood

Anastasia Mina

Untitled ii

pencil on digital print

Ben Jack Nash

[ ]~ No. 8 (iv)

wood, lights


Jinhee Park

A sideway look at time

clock movements

Alex Ramsay


acrylic, oil, chalk on canvas

Ian Rayer-Smith


mixed media on board

Tom Richardson

Untitled 3 – Bilbao

photo-etching on paper


Tim Ridley


oil on card and antique oval mount

Tom Rodgers

Contact Prints: Home, #03 & Contact Prints: Home, #04


Demetris Shammas

Things inside other things (I)

digital algorithmic drawing, print on paper

Tim Simmons

Red Rocks & Moss #1

chronotype photograph


Richard Starbuck

Otherander II

acrylic on wood

Shahar Tuchner

Fast Food


Nicolas Vionnet


walking stick with brass fitting, rubber wheel

Jonathan Wade


ceramic, wax, pigment




Nicole Weisz

In an Ideal World

mixed media

Deborah Westmancoat

Surface 2

black writing ink, snowmelt (collected from Longrun Meadows, Taunton), jojoba and beeswax on board, integral frame

Gillian Widden


dried hawthorn berries and charred hazel sticks

Angela Li Zhenxiang


digital print

The Statue of Liberty quits