the open west 2011 shortlisted artists


Milcho Andreev

Passage - Golden Hillock Road

75 x 103 cm, photography

Iain Andrews

The Bat Flood,

30 x 40 cm, acrylic, thread and beads on canvas

Richard Ansett

Naked Woman with Dogs

106.5 x 88.5 cm, digital archive print

Guy Archard

Untitled (Michelle)

25 x 20 cm, c-type print


Jonas Balciunas


30 x 60 cm, acrylic and oil on canvas

Claudia Bose

White and Green

170 x 140 cm, oil on canvas

Jessie Brennan

43 Strangers

video installation with 86 mixed media drawings

Emidio Chiavetta


152 x 120 cm, oil on canvas


Laura Clarke


198 x 136 cm, steel plate etching on board

Eleanor Cleasby

Installation 1

190.5 x 152 cm, c-type print

Louise Collis

The Blorenge 2

42 x 32 cm, oil on canvas paper

Rachel Cunningham

In Situ: The Prag Mahal, Durbar Hall

61 x 76.2 cm, photography


Nicola Dale


installation, paper and sound (12,000 feathers)

Pippa Galpin

7 piece frieze, Worcester Cathedral

200 x 56cm, porcelain with layers of slips and oxides mounted on board

Alan Goulbourne

Simulated Growth

installation, milled sticks

Sian Griffiths

Taped Trolley

installation, tape, found objects


Lydia Halcrow

Marking Time on the Surface

300 x 150 cm, mixed media on canvas

Stuart Hartley

Trench 1

80.5 x 80.5 cm, acrylic on tulip wood

Julia Hembrow

Temporal Flow 2

46 x 30.5 cm, print on film (inkjet), lightbox

Gitte Hoetbjerg Hansen


101 x 101 cm, lambda print, mounted on dibond


Shan Hur

Broken Pillar

installation, mixed media

Fergus Jordan

On the Periphery of the New Lodge 9

101.6 x 76.2 cm, photography

Svetlana K-Lie

Grater or Only Water and Hole

90 x 200 x 97 cm, steel

James Chen-Feng Kao

Everybody Wants Some Kung Fu Fighting 1

94 x 71 cm, ink and photo transfer


David Kiely

It's Raining on Sugar Mountain

200 x 170 cm, oil on canvas

Jake Lever


528 x 95 x 74 cm, wood, willow, cardboard and gold leaf

Patrick Lowry

Cash Machine

80 x 68 x 30 cm, GRP, MDF, perspex

Rachel Lumsden

Alpen Glühen 2: Strictly Non Fiction

210 x 190 cm, acrylic and oil on canvas



Gina Lundy

Untitled 1 (Academy)

60.9 x 50.8 cm, photography

Matthews & Struthers

My Big Fat Ugandan Wedding 1 - 4

30 x 40 cm, photography

Jon Mayers

Gerald McClellan Takes a Knee

100 x 72 cm, duotone silkscreen

Luciana Meazza

A Bit of Manet

100 x 130 cm, acrylic on canvas


Helen Murgatroyd

Five Onions Printing Jig

installation, mixed media

Bobby Nixon


200 x 250 cm, oil on canvas

Ellen Nolan

Olivia and Ottilie

68 x 57 cm, c-type print

Kevin J Pocock


video with audio


Steve Proudfoot

Oh My Soul is Yearning

53 x 72 cm, oil on paper

Alicja Rogalska



Molly Rooke


192 x 56 cm, installation, photographic print

Howard Silverman

Fan Dance 1

240 x 340 cm, steel mesh and rods, paper, tape and ties


Katie Spragg

The Gift Shop

porcelain installation

David Theobald


video (digital animation)

Stephanie Tuckwell


100 x 137 cm, pencil, pastel, paint, gesso and tape on paper

Elizabeth Vicary

Flora and Fauna

100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas


Jenny Wiener

How Long Is The Yellow Brick Road

60 x 63 cm, digital print