the open west 2010 shortlisted artists 






Molly Behagg

Indigo Surface, oil and varnish on canvas

Sara Bjarland

Blossom, film

Karen Brett

Conversations with Myself, film

Bronwen Buckeridge

Lacuna Cut, film



Ivy Hon Mei Chan

The Discarded Forest, 220 pencils

Wan-Lin Chang

Invisible Cities, books, mdf - site specific installation

Min-Tzu Chao

The Wedding Dress of a Child Bride, inkjet print

Mi-Young Choi

Crimson Storm 4, oil on linen


Brian Crotty

This Evening's Poetry, mixed media on canvas

Caroline de Lannoy

Without Title (no 191), oil on canvas

Ortelius Drew

Cast Courts, Victoria & Albert Museum, ink on paper

Steven Edgar

Snakes, silver gelatin print



Lucy Fergus

Re-silicone/Re-cover, industrial rubber offcuts - site specific installation

Patrick Gabler

Drawing (No 16) Moon, Cloud, ink on paper

David George

Enclosures, Badlands & Borders, digital photograph

Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin

Ex Nihilo, etching


Aaron Head

Friday (necessity is the mother of all invention), mixed media - site specific installation

Liam Hegenbarth

Untitled 6 (Project Atlas), digital c-type print

Fiona Hingston

Field No 4, earth and ink on paper

Jang-Oh Hong

Penetralia, clear plastic and metallic thread - site specific installation






Conor Kelly

Requiem for the Proxies , oil on canvas

Sanghee Lee

Physical and Psychological Reunited, mdf, light fitting - site specific installation

Debbie Locke

Dialogue, ink on paper (detail) - site specific installation

Florence Alfano McEwin

The Adventures of Red Riding Hood: Tango, intaglio solar etch, chine colle, collage




Katherine Morgan

Corridor,mdf, dowels, springs

Simon Newby

Untitled, permanent marker, oil paint, binding rail

Trine Olrik

Drift, cardboard

Toby Poolman

There's Trouble at t'Mill, mixed media - site specific installation


Michael Roberts

Face VIII, Dad, oil on canvas

Peter Roseman

The Ghost of a Flea, acrylic on canvas

Ione Rucquoi

Inside Out, photograph

Louise isik Sayarer

Roll Up a Forest, performance and installation



Indre Serpytyte

Former KGB Buildings – 3 Geliu Street, photograph

Sabrina Shah

Witness, acrylic on canvas

Helen Sturgess

BLACK, plasticine - site specific installation

Masako Tobita

Walking Home, oil on canvas



Petra Varl

Swimmer, drawing on glass

Thomas Williams

Process, performance and painting

Rachel Wright

Turning to Stone, oil on board

Sang-Yoon Yoon

Hand-In Receipt, oil on canvas